Membership Privileges



Indian - Baltic Chamber of Commerce (IBCC)

Provides assistance for Indian entrepreneurs

Who wish to expand their business in the Baltic region

and establish business relations with reliable partners in Lithuania and other Baltic States


IBCC membership privileges:


  • Consultation regarding business environment in Lithuania and Eastern Europe;

  • Help in choosing trustworthy and appropriate partners, who best meet Your interests and needs;

  • Organisation of meetings and conferences with partners and companies, as well as with Lithuanian governmental and diplomatic institutions (Ministries, Consular institutions ect.) and Lithuanian diplomats, Ambassadors, Ministers, ect;

  • Assistance in all tasks related to business meetings and conferences: the search for suitable conference hall, organisation of translation services, help in choosing accommodation and fulfilment of any other organisational matters;

  • Assistance and Your company’s representation during the talks with Lithuanian companies;

  • Promotion of Your company‘s name in the Baltic region;

  • Organisation of logistic procedures in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland;

  • Consultations regarding Your company institution in Lithuania;

  • Help in visa‘s issue procedures during the opening process of Your enterprise in Lithuania;

  • Specific tasks fulfilment online on Your request.



Your company can be provided with all services mentioned above and any other services,

which meet Your special needs, for the agreed payment or fixed monthly membership fee.